Curves & Crosses — Documentation

How to Play


This puzzle game is about curves and crosses on a grid.

Move the curve through the grid. For each move a cross is created in the opposite direction from the “curve head”, where space is available, if any. The goal is to completely fill the available grid with crosses and curves.

Gameplay of a random level


  • Keyboard
    • Use the arrow keys to move the curve. Press the arrow key in the backward direction to move back one step.
    • R Reset the current level.
  • Mobile
    • Shortly touch one edge of the screen to move curve.
    • Touch and hold to reset the current level.

More Info

The behavior of the crosses implies that in some cases no cross can be drawn. Sometimes this is okay, sometimes you’ll get stuck this way.

There are four hard-coded levels to show you the basics. After those, random levels will be generated ad infinitum.

As an example, you can solve the first level by moving down twice, then you can choose to move left or right.

Solving the first level

Difficulty of Random Levels

The more levels you solve, the more difficult they can become. It depends on how well you have solved them, i.e. the more efficient your solution is (few unnecessary steps) and the fewer errors you make, the higher the potential for more challenging levels to be generated.

With the drop-down menu at the bottom you can choose the maximum difficulty of the next random levels. Over time you will be able to unlock higher difficulty levels. However, you will only be able to do so if you solve random levels at the highest unlocked difficulty setting.

Example of a hard level

You start out with “Easy” and can reach the second highest difficulty level: “Unbounded”. After a long time, you’ll end up at the highest difficulty level: “Supreme”. This one increases the size of the game by four:

Example of a supremely hard level